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And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15 KJV


Wonder where the youth have gone during the Divine Service, talk to Sierra Southern, our Technology Ministry Leader, and she will reveal the answer.  The Technology Ministry supports the quality production of our Divine Service and transmits that service to our shut-in members and potential new members via the internet.  Our Technology Ministry has been in need of some additional technically savvy people to broaden the support base of our current team.  Our youth were paying close attention to announcements during the Sabbath service and before long one of them showed up at our media production center reporting for duty.  Before long word spread far and wide among the youth, the Technology Ministry is fun and super interesting.  Moms were bringing their sons and daughters upstairs to introduce them to what all the buzz was about. 

Youth Tech Effort

Sierra recognized the potential opportunity to have our young people take leadership roles within our church service.  She quickly organized the youth incorporating them within our current team and the young people were trained to operate sound, video, and projection.  The youth, of course, brought their own technical skills and abilities to the team and were quick learners on each of the different stations soon mastering them and ready to take control.

Sierra Southern
Technology Ministry

Now the Technology Ministry team has a strong base capable of supporting the media production of our Divine Service.  The youth may not realize yet that they are fulfilling our church mission, “to proclaim the three angels’ messages,” to them it is just fun having found a way to contribute in their own way.  In time they will understand the importance of their ministry, but until then our youth are building technical skills while learning to serve and capturing memories that will cement their relationship with the church and God.

Under the leadership of Sierra and her trusty assistant James, the Technology Ministry is running strong. The media production center is fairly complex and takes effort to produce a quality service.  Sierra brings not only leadership to the team but a vision for this ministry in our church’s future. 

Contact Sierra Southern if you have questions about the Technology Ministry.

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