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Our close-knit 162 member church is located is part of Hampton Roads in Southern Virginia. We are part of a global church with a presence in more than 200 countries that carries out humanitarian work in more than 120 countries serving tens of millions of people every year. We have found the gospel (Good News), Christ’s power to overcome any difficulty in our lives and transform us, too good not to share.


Loving People,
Sharing God,
Reviving Hope.


Pastor Andrew Vargas

Welcome and thank you for checking out our website!


My name is Andrew Vargas. I have the privilege of pastoring the Norfolk Seventh-day Adventist Church. When I think of this congregation, I think of diversity, community, and a heart to attend to the needs of others. This is what I have observed and I invite you to check us out yourself. Experience the friendships, the food, and the areas that need to be strengthened. Most importantly, join us and help us in the gospel's proclamation. Join us as we try to live and share the love of Jesus. 


As you continue to explore our website or move on to something else, I pray for the following blessing upon you: “May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 NLT.

God bless, 


Andrew Vargas


What is a Seventh Day Adventist? Find out here.


Norfolk Seventh Day Adventist Church

The property on Kempsville road was purchased in April of 1973, under the leadership of Pastor, Elder James C. Fulfer. The ground breaking ceremony was held on the front lawn of the new property, the guest speaker was congressman William G. Whitehurst. Charles Reep our local lay pastor, who I loved dearly, gave the ending prayer. The first service was held in the new sanctuary on Friday evening September 5th 1975.

Archival Image New Building

The Norfolk Seventh Day Adventist church was organized in 1917. Sarepta Jones Cross, was the leading spirit in the founding of the Norfolk Church. In 1899 at the age of 26, she was voted in by the then twelve members of the Portsmouth SDA Church. Sarepta started a small branch sabbath school, which met in Berkely. A year or so later the group met in Carpenter’s Hall on Main St. in Norfolk. Sarepta and the members of her branch sabbath school had worked very hard with the Southeastern Union Conference, and as a result, the Norfolk SDA Church became a reality.

Archival Image Norfolk Tent Effort

The Norfolk Church has met in some interesting places in its more than one hundred year history. Carpenter’s Hall on Main St. in Norfolk, met at the Odd Fellows’ Hall on Church St. The church then met for a time on Freemason st. but by January 18 1919 the Norfolk Adventist had a new church home on 29th and Colley Ave.

To dedicate the building Elder AG Daniels, president of the General Conference gave the dedicatory sermon. In 1920 the first church school was begun. Another property was purchaced under the leadership of Elder Alfred C. Marple. The new church was located on 26th street and Waverly Way, membership had grown to 185 persons. The first service was held at the new church, called the Villa Heights church, on Dec. 5th 1953.

It was a very thrilling occasion when the dedication of the debt free church took place in Nov. 1955. The education and training of our children has always been of great importance to this denomination. Therefore, a day school, consisting of eight grades and three teachers was established at the Villa Heights church, using the sabbath school classrooms.


This school was later removed to the Centerville Turnpike location in Chesapeake. Originally known as Tidewater Junior Academy, it is today the Tidewater Adventist Academy. In 1969 it was decided, the Villa Heights church on 26th street was too smallfor the growing congregation, and the search for a new property ensued.

Meanwhile, regular services were held in the auditorium of the school in Chesapeake. The property at 1099 Kempsville Road was purchased.

Archival Image Founding Members
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